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Areas of Ministry

VTC has so much to offer and we encourage you to explore our various areas of ministry.
You can be assured, there is a place for everyone!
It has been our mission from day one to reach as many hearts as we can
& to be able to show someone just how much God truly loves them.
In order to do that we have developed a variety of ministries that all ages can connect with.
Sometimes it is simply not enough to just attend a service, you need to GET INVOLVED!
Check out what God is doing here and all the amazing things that are happening!

We are family & God has blessed us with a team of leaders that are willing to go the extra mile
just for you.

Kids Ministry

Kid's Ministry


Our kids are our future & it is important to us that we instill the basic foundation of the Word of God into their hearts. The only way we know how to do that is through fun and laughter. Each Sunday we have 1 of 4 teachers that come willing and ready to give your child a Jesus experience they will never forget!  

Tween's Ministry


The inbe'tween"ers...

Our kids that have out grown the childlike teachings but are still not ready to make that plunge into the teen pool, this is their sanctuary. With a firm foundation from our kid's ministry now we can begin to build on that childlike faith with the same fun and excitement. Digging into the Word a little deeper and opening the platform to discuss growing pains and God's perspective on it all.

Tweens Minstry
Teen's Ministry

Teen's Ministry


The teenage years are a crucial point in every young adults life. With the rise in bullying & social media epidemic, it is so important that we give our teens the biblical tools they need. Our teens are the leaders of tomorrow and it is in our hearts to make sure they not only know that God loves them, but that they are not alone. Our teen ministry is a compilation of fun, games, food & a powerful message of God.

Women's Ministry


It is important for our women to stay encouraged and uplifted. Too often we can get lost in the monotony of everyday life. Families, jobs, and prayer life can be an unrealistic balancing act.

You're not alone.

Our women's ministry is dedicated to sisterhood in Christ. We bring laughter and fun back into your walk with God & pick each other up when we need it the most.

No judgment, just love.  

Women's Ministry
Men's Ministry

Men's Ministry


The saying goes; "This is a mans world."

That's quite a bit of pressure if you take that at face value. We believe that as leaders of the family, us men, carry the weight of the world on our shoulders. Bills, financial security & the wellbeing and happiness of our families.

Without God you will crumble under that pressure.

Our men's ministry is an opportunity to strengthen your walk in God with a hilarious outlook and a carefree heart. Trusting Him and only Him. 

Victory Kitchen - Outreach Ministry


Since 1991 Victory Kitchen has been serving free hot meals to those in need. What started as one man handing out loaves of bread in the local parks has now grown to having served over 800,000 meals to our community. A God based place where people can come and find comfort, a hot shower and a homemade meal. 

No questions asked.

Victory Kitchen

Trauma 2 Testimony - Women's Recovery Outreach


 a faith-based women's recovery outreach of

VTC Legacy Ministries designed to be the helping hands of God for the lost and hurting women in our community, keeping the focus uncluttered, pure & simple.

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