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Our Mission

To be the helping hands of God for the lost and hurting people in our community, keeping the focus uncluttered, pure & simple.


Trauma 2 Testimony is a faith-based recovery outreach of

VTC Legacy Ministries. 

"But God demonstrates His own love for us in this: While we were still sinners, Christ died for us." -Romans 5:8

Our Story

In 2016 the drug epidemic was running wild through our community. We watched families torn apart and people of all ages lose their fight in addiction. As a ministry built on second chances we collectively came together in hopes of making a change. God has and continues to do miracles within our ministry and we are not bound by these four walls. That is when this vision was brought to life. What started on a "Road 2 Recovery" transformed into what it is now,

"Trauma 2 Testimony."

Our program is a faith based program that encourages and promotes spiritual and emotional healing for those battling trauma and addiction. Currently, we are a women's only program but as we continue to grow so will our class options. 

Since beginning in 2016, God has allowed our ministry to see countless individuals delivered and set free from the suffocating grasp of addiction, anxiety, trauma and depression. Together, God has given us a unique opportunity to spread His word and share His perfect love to His people

 all across the world. 

No one should feel lost or forgotten because every one is worth fighting for! 

Meet The Team

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Trauma 2 Testimony

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