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Our Mission

To be the helping hands of God for the lost and hurting women in our community, keeping the focus uncluttered, pure & simple.


Trauma 2 Testimony is a faith-based women's recovery outreach of

VTC Legacy Ministries. 

"God is with her, she will not fail..." ~ Psalm 46:5

Our Story

In 2018 a young woman walked into this ministry with nothing but a backpack and a fire for God.

She was a recovering addict fresh out of rehab on a quest to regain custody of her children, build a better life for her family and be everything that God called her to be.

Along the way, her heart collided with a sister in Christ that saw nothing but beauty!

Through instruction in God's Word, a tremendous amount of prayer, and unconditional love, they became the best of friends sharing a common vision.

That vision, was not only to be a light to any woman that crossed their path, but to see God break the chains of addiction & allow a testimony to break free from trauma.

Though her journey was nothing but easy

she stood in faith, never wavering  from God's unfailing love and grace. 

Today she is clean, sober, married, with full custody of her children

and embarking on an amazing ministry for God. 



This story is ours! We are those women!

Together, God has allowed us to see countless women delivered and set free from the suffocating grasp of addiction, anxiety, trauma and depression. Together, God has given us a unique opportunity to spread His word and share His perfect love to women all across the world. 

No woman should feel lost or forgotten because every woman is worth fighting for! 

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Trauma 2 Testimony

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