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Come to Victory Temple

1619 W. Strub Rd

Ways You Can Donate:

This ministry is not about money.

We believe that you should not have to pound the change out of someone to see God move. God will always provide!

We believe in sowing a seed of faith into GOOD & FERTILE ground. The only way you will know the answer to that, is to look at the fruits of our tree and to follow God. Our hearts are on fire for God and we want to see people saved and set free. No amount of money or lack there of could change that.

We also believe in paying tithes. Malachi 3:10 tells us to bring our tithes and offerings. This is something done to your home church. So if you have a home church we encourage you to send your tithes there.

Now that we have covered the logistics, do you still want to give?

If the answer is yes, Thank you! We love you very much and we hope to see you in a service soon!



Come to Victory Temple

1619 W. Strub Rd


Come to Victory Temple

1619 W. Strub Rd

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